Science Project – Tornadoes

What exactly is a tornado?

A tornado is a fast moving funnel-shaped cloud under a big storm system.

Minecraft Tornado

A tornado in Minecraft. Screenshot from one of my games

Tornado damage/aftermath

When there is a tornado, the damage is mostly things are picked up and thrown around and smashed.


Destruction left by a Minecraft tornado

How to predict tornadoes

Tornadoes are predicted using a variety of different devices. Doppler radar, infrasound detectors, lightning imaging sensors, and multiple-antenna profile radar (MAPR) are all used to help detect the formation of tornadoes, but there are still errors with these things and the meteorologists have to check whether there is actually a tornado.


A tornado radar that I got of the internet

What to do/How to cope with tornadoes

A lot of people have underground bunkers where they put their expensive stuff and then hide.


A tornado bunker in Minecraft

Tornado history in Australia

The last tornadoes in Australia were in 2012


A tornado on the freeway in 2012 (from Google images)







How the Rabbit got his squeak

Long ago, in the land of Flonkabobia, when the animals held their great converscussions, there lived a shouty rabbit with short ears. He would SHOUT a lot, and SHOUT A LOT, and never listened to the other animals.

One day, the baby Owls were doing their lessons with the wise old Owls. The Rabbit hopped in and grumbled, “I CAN’T WORK THIS OUT!” waving a piece of paper in the wise old owls’ faces “HELP ME FINISH IT!” The wise old Owls got extremely angry and took the piece of paper and threw it in the bin.

Three days later, the Squirrels were counting all the food they had for the winter, and the Rabbit bounced up and shouted, “CAN I HELP?” very loud and all the Squirrels forgot how much they had counted and had to start again.

The next week, the lions were hunting on the plains and the Rabbit jumped over and cried out, “Are you hunting those deer? Can I join in?” scaring all the deer away.

Very soon, all the animals were fed up with him, and they had a talk. ”We have had enough!” said the Owls. “We were teaching the baby owls and he came in and shouted at us.” The lions said, “We were hunting and he scared all the deer away!” “We were counting our food for the winter and he came in and shouted and we had to start again!” said the Squirrels.

The animals decided to send Fox to chase the Rabbit.

Fox was a frightening fighter, and he was proficient and efficient at hunting and eating other animals. He stealthily sneakily stalked towards the field where Rabbit was shouting, “Why is no-one in this field? Where has everyone gone?”

When Rabbit saw Fox, he thought that Fox was being friendly and he asked him, “WHERE IS EVERYONE? WHAT ARE THEY ALL DOING?” Fox, who was not only a frightening fighter but was also frighteningly honest, said, “They had a meeting and they hired me to hunt you.”

Oh no! Rabbit bounced away on his long bouncy legs and shouted “HELP, HELP! SOMEONE, HELP! I DON’T WANT TO BE FOX’S BRUNCH!” All the other animals could hear him, but they ignored him.

“HELP, HELP! HELP, HELP! Help, Help, help, help, help help…” Rabbit shouted so much his voice disappeared. Eventually, all he could do was squeak.

He could tell, by now, that no-one was going to help him. Then he dug a burrow to escape from Fox, and he grew big ears, so that he could hear whenever a fox was coming.

And so, this is why all rabbits have long ears and a small squeaky voice, and are frightened of foxes.

Medieval Workshop

Medieval workshop

The Medieval workshop was fun because the guy told funny stories and jokes. Someone asked the guy what was the funniest siege he knew of and he told a story about a guy called Ralph. He climbed up a toilet into a castle to steal money, and when he opened the door there were two guards standing there. He ran back into the toilet room and then he closed the door. The guards knew that whoever went in first would get hit, so they decided to set fire to the door and leave the area. Ralph went back down the toilet and out of the castle and then the fire took hold and the whole castle was burnt down from inside, and someone paid him money for doing it.

The workshop was fun and interesting because it had lots of replica weapons. The best one, I think, was the giant sword that had loads of things on it. It was something like a sword and axe and had a cup holder on it too. We think it was made by Germans.

I tried out one of the swords and one of the shields. The shield wasn’t very heavy but it was quite good. I think it would do a good job of protecting me if I ever was in battle. The sword was heavy and long.
Here is a picture of medieval knights.


How my playing on Minecraft has changed over time

Karate15688’s writing about how his playing on Minecraft has changed over time.

In the past:

The first time I played Minecraft on survival mode, I was near my house on a hill, and it was night time and the zombies spawned. I was exploring and I saw a bunch of zombies. They came up to me and attacked me. All they have to do is touch you and it takes away some of your hearts. At that stage I had no weapons so I was just hitting them with blocks of wood but it didn’t do much good. And although they were not very strong I died after a short while.
Now I am more experienced in Minecraft and I have learnt either to get a sword before night time, or a house.

I used to like the Skydoesminecraft server because I like the skyblock because I know how to make an unlimited water source and a cobblestone generator. There’s a trick where if you sell 16 cobblestone for $16 then buy 24 redstone then you can sell the redstone for $24 when you buy it for $16! It is so funny and lucky because it is supposed to be hard to get money but with the redstone trick it is really easy!

On the Skydoesminecraft server I am a VIP+ because I paid $10 and I am going to save up for Major so I can be the highest rank. My Dad is only a VIP which only costs $5 and my brother hasn’t bought a rank yet but he has a lot of money so he can get Major. The VIP+ rank can use a lot of commands like /fly, /d zombie, /d spider, /d skeleton, /d cow, /d sheep, /d pig, and /d chicken! It is really fun going around as a zombie because in spleef people think I am just a normal zombie and I can go and get them without them knowing! Also in the servers where I can fly I can pretend I am a flying zombie! It is really funny because I can wear armor and pretend that I am a really powerful zombie and scare people! When I get Major class I will be the highest rank you can buy! That will be really exciting because then I can change into all the mobs you can on that server! Also, I think the VIP+ rank is really good for pvp because when you are fighting you can fly away if you are almost dead and if you are disguised as something then they can’t hurt you unless it is an arrow! In the creative server I have a cool plot where I have built a butter house that has loads of decorations and I have built a Minecart track and a hidden house that is underground. Also I have a hot tub that I made by putting lava at the bottom of a 3 blocks deep hole. Then I put glass in the middle and water on the top. Also I have a friend that is called oscar30994. I don’t spend much time on the Skydoesminecraft server now because they updated the server and it deletes everything when it gets updated.


Nowadays I play on SuperCraftBros (SCB). I am really good at SCB now and I have spent, like, 500 gems and I have the witch class, the notch class, the chicken class, the wither skeleton class, the villager zombie class, the tnt class, the star class, the map monolith, and the map ying yang.

I also have a new server called The Hive, that is like the Hypixel server because it’s got loads of mini games. My favourite games are Hide n seek and Splegg. On The Hive you Get tokens from games and I have over 500 cause I spent 3000 tokens. And you can buy a diamond Splegg gun, except I’m not sure how. They’re also adding in a token shop where you can buy new blocks for Hide n seek. The Hive server IP is, and if you search for The Hive Minecraft on the Internet then you will find the website.

Sometimes I play with my Dad. Playing with my Dad is really fun and exciting because I like playing with him and he is really good on survival and at finding diamonds.

Minecraft is my favourite game because it updates all the time and never gets old.


In the future I am going to finish my adventure map that I am making as well as my mini game (If I can find them. I accidentally deleted the .minecraft folder they were in so I am going to have to look through the recycle bin!)

Here’s a pic of my Minecraft guy! It’s sorta small though.