Science Project – Tornadoes

What exactly is a tornado?

A tornado is a fast moving funnel-shaped cloud under a big storm system.

Minecraft Tornado

A tornado in Minecraft. Screenshot from one of my games

Tornado damage/aftermath

When there is a tornado, the damage is mostly things are picked up and thrown around and smashed.


Destruction left by a Minecraft tornado

How to predict tornadoes

Tornadoes are predicted using a variety of different devices. Doppler radar, infrasound detectors, lightning imaging sensors, and multiple-antenna profile radar (MAPR) are all used to help detect the formation of tornadoes, but there are still errors with these things and the meteorologists have to check whether there is actually a tornado.


A tornado radar that I got of the internet

What to do/How to cope with tornadoes

A lot of people have underground bunkers where they put their expensive stuff and then hide.


A tornado bunker in Minecraft

Tornado history in Australia

The last tornadoes in Australia were in 2012


A tornado on the freeway in 2012 (from Google images)







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